Frequently Asked Questions

(Q): How long are the tours?

(A): All of our tours are 2 hours.

(Q): How much are the tickets?

(A): Tickets are $20.00 USD per person. Children 6 years of age or younger are free.

(Q): Am I expected to tip my tour guide?

(A): While tipping your guide is customary and extremely appreciated, it is not mandatory.

(Q): Do I need to book in advance?

(A): Booking in advance is required. We do not accept walk-ups at this time. If you are looking to join a tour on the day-of, and you do not see it available on our calendar, please call us. To pay with a debit or credit card, book through our website. To pay with cash, call us to book your space, and you will be able to pay with cash upon your arrival. All payments will be collected before the tour departs.


(Q): What if I need to cancel my reservation?

(A): Tours are nonrefundable once booked. However, if for any reason you need to cancel, tours can be rescheduled, subject to availability.


(Q): Are the tours seasonal?

(A): Tours are on the calendar from late March until the end of the year. If you want to schedule during our off-season, or do not see a tour scheduled on whatever date you are looking to book, call us and we would be happy to add a date to the calendar for you, subject to availability of our guides.


(Q): Is this activity appropriate for young children?

(A): Although our stories have a dark theme, are gruesome in nature, and can be a bit scary and/or violent, overall our tours are meant to be fun and educational for everyone. We recommend this activity to all ages.


(Q): How much are tickets for children under 6 years of age?

(A): Children under the age of six receive free admission to our tours.


(Q): How much walking will we be doing?

(A): Our tours include quite a bit of walking. Distance varies due to us regularly changing our tour stops, but most of our tours range from 1 to 1.5 miles. Our two longest (distance) tours are Haunted Homes and Woodlawn Cemetery.


(Q): Is this activity handicap accessible?

(A): We can customize any tour to accommodate your needs. Please call us to set up a private tour.


(Q): What should I bring with me?

(A): Though it is not mandatory, we recommend bringing bottled water, walking shoes, an umbrella in case it rains, and "an appetite for stories of the supernatural".


(Q): Will there be a place to go to the bathroom?

(A): We start all of our downtown based tours at the Franklin City Hall building, which has public restrooms. There are no restrooms at The Woodlawn Cemetery.


(Q): Can I bring my dog?

(A): Yes. As long as your dog is well-trained, they are welcome to walk with us too.


(Q): Can I smoke during the tour?

(A): Smoking is permitted as long as you are respectful of other guests on the tour. We kindly ask that, if you are smoking, that you please walk in the back of the group.


(Q): How many other people could there be on a tour?

(A): Most tours in our small town are intimate, but we do accept bookings up to 25 guests.


(Q): Do you offer private tours?

(A): Absolutely. Please call or email us to schedule a private tour.


(Q): Can I bring my camera?

(A): Photos are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Many guest have captured amazing photographs of the paranormal while walking our tours. Check out our "EVP and Photo Evidence" page for some examples of images and audio captured by our guests.


(Q): Can I video/audio record during the tour?

(A): We do not allow any recording of the stories that will be told during the tour. If you would like to record to attempt to capture EVPs, please let your guide know and they will ensure allotted time in between stories for a chance to record video or audio.


(Q): Will we walk in the rain?

(A): We are a rain or shine tour. We will not walk in dangerous weather with extreme wind, thunder, or lightning.


(Q): Do I have to believe in ghosts to enjoy these tours? 

(A): Absolutely not. Our tours mainly focus on history, with a strong spooky theme. We will tell many ghost stories that we can often link to facts about our town's history. These tours can be enjoyed by people who want to learn something new, natives or visitors that want to hear more about the history of Franklin, history buffs, paranormal enthusiasts, and anyone with an open mind.


(Q): How scary is it?

(A): We will not jump out at you. We will not go out of our way to scare you. We are simply going to guide you through our town, and tell you of its history, legends, and ghost stories. Although, we have been told that some have trouble sleeping after hearing our stories.


(Q): Will I see a ghost?

(A): We will take you to many haunted locations in Franklin, but cannot promise that you will experience anything supernatural. We are a story telling tour. However, in the eight years Where Shadows Walk has been operating, we have never gone an entire season without one of our tour guests seeing a full-bodied apparition.


(Q): What do we believe makes us different from the other ghost tours you've been on before?

(A): Where Shadows Walk is not a theatrical ghost tour; it is a historical ghost tour. Our tours do not have any pop scares. We take ourselves very seriously, and we are passionate about maintaining credibility and authenticity; we believe that makes our tours even more spooky. We promise that you will leave each of our tours having learned something new, and we hope that our stories will leave you haunted for many years to come. Our tour company's founder, a local historian and a Franklin native, spent at least a decade uncovering our town's buried history. We feel that we have a great responsibility to keep our town's haunted history alive. Let us tell you the epic stories of those who are no longer alive to tell you themselves. Let these people live again, and let us show you why Franklin is such a unique and special place.