Get To Know Your Guides

"I have always been passionate about the paranormal, what lies beyond what we can perceive or understand, and the great mystery of what goes bump in the night. It is my goal, with these tours, to "lift the veil" between the living and the dead, and to allow those who have passed on to live again in their stories being told, retold, and told again. I have been visiting Franklin, North Carolina every summer since I was a child, and finally moved here full-time two years ago. I made this decision shortly after going on a Franklin ghost tour presented by Where Shadows Walk, and discovered this unassuming, small town's unbelievable history and hidden ghostly magic. When I became involved with Where Shadows Walk, I made it my goal to do my best to preserve this history, protect these ghost stories that have been shared with us, and attempt to share all of it with as many people as I possibly can. I am looking forward to the opportunity to walk with you, and upon hearing all that makes Franklin such a unique and spooky location, I hope that you will leave our tour as entranced with this area as I am."

Jessie is an Enigmalogist and college graduate with studies in American History and World Religions.

"When I was young, I had several personal experiences with things that really scared me, things that I couldn't begin to understand, and things that I knew had to be supernatural. As I got older, fear quickly turned to interest and curiosity, and now I cannot help but spend my time searching for the answers. As well as being completely intrigued with the subject of history, I am also very passionate about the subject of ghosts, and the science and history behind them. Being a part of these tours gives me the opportunity to study the fascinating history of our mountains and the exciting phenomenon of ghosts closer than I have ever been able to before. The great scientist George W. Meek, known as "The Father of Paranormal Studies" and the first person to ever capture an E.V.P (an audio recording of the dead), believed that Franklin, North Carolina was the best place to conduct studies of the supernatural. I am very excited to share all of the history, folklore, and haunted happenings that I have learned of since I moved to this mystical Appalachian town and became a part of Where Shadows Walk. I hope to show you why Franklin, North Carolina is said to be the place where the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest."

Luke is an Enigmalogist and college graduate with studies in both Science and History.