Murder In The Mountains

"Doomed; Endlessly reliving their final moments ."


They swung from the gallows. They died in battle. They were massacred. They were young and old, black and white, men and women. They were axe murderers. They were dismembered. They were impaled. They were boiled. They were drowned wrapped in chains, their hearts were staked, and they died in electric chairs.













Though they all met separate fates or ensured others did, their commonality is murder and a ghost left behind to wail and wander.


Guests of Where Shadows Walk’s Murder in the Mountains Tour will taste the blood, hear the screams, and feel the fear as they stroll the dark, haunted and foreboding streets, alleyways, and graveyards of Franklin, North Carolina.

$20.00 per person 

Children 6 and under free


For GPS purposes: 95 E. Main Street, Franklin, NC 28734

Guests will meet tour guides in front of Franklin's City Hall.

Parking is free all along Franklin's Main Street.