Woodlawn Cemetery

"You can wake them with a thought."

Graveyards are libraries of lives, heroes and villians, ladies and outlaws, children, men, and women who've run the race and lie just beyond the veil, on the edge of our breath and our touch.















Join the Where Shadows Walk team for a tour like none other. 
Chase the dancing candle light through the sprawling, Woodlawn Cemetery.


Keep your senses alive as you learn of brutal, unsolved murders, ghosts of hanged men, Civil War heroes, killers, victims, famous lawyers, millionaires and paupers, scientists in the field of the paranormal, and so much more.


The Where Shadows Walk, Woodlawn Cemetery Tour is not for the faint of heart. You can wake them with a thought, and we will be spending the entire evening whispering their stories. They will surely lean in to listen. 

$20.00 per person 

Children 6 and under free


For GPS purposes: 1202 Old Murphy Rd, Franklin, NC 28734

Guests will meet tour guides at the picnic bench

located behind the Macon County Board Education Building.

Parking available at meeting location.